Things to know when buying Lagos Land and Legal Title Documents.

Real estate contracts or documents range from residential leases or commercial leases to mortgage financing documents, contract review, negotiation, letter of intent and asset purchase agreements. Along with specifying the terms of a transaction, these documents also indicate how disputes will be resolved, who bears financial responsibility for property defects and losses, what happens in cases of financial default, and more. For this main reason, drafting real estate documents is a critical process.Affordable transcription solutions are available to document the draft content in the required format.

When it comes to commercial real estate transaction, a letter of intent will be often recommended even before the final sales agreement or lease is signed. Non-lawyers handling these agreements should seek the advice of a licensed attorney in legal matters.

Below are the list of the different document titles and a brief explanation:

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7 Benefits of Living in an Estate

Gone are the days just the rich could afford to buy a home in a planned housing estate. However, this has changed in the last few years, with families from middle class owning homes in planned housing estates as an answer to their housing needs.

If you are in the market for a new home, you should not ignore planned housing estate. There are several benefits to living in this type of community. In fact, such a neighborhood will be able to provide all the facilities that you are seeking. Some of the benefits of living in a planned housing estate include:

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What you need to know about Land Tenure system in Nigeria

There are various types of  land tenure system that vary from the villages, towns or cities. The idea behind land tenure system in Nigeria is to regulate land ownership behaviors in the country. There are various forms of land tenure systems in Nigeria ranging from communal ownership, inheritance tenure system, leasehold tenure system, rent tenure system, gift tenure system, freehold tenure system and tenant at government will.

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The basic steps to take in building a house

Understanding the basic steps to take in building a house will aid your knowledge more and always make you come out with better result. It does not matter whether it is your first or second house.

The steps discussed here is not arranged in any sequential order, although great care was taken at ensuring that the following will help you understand the scheme of things in housing construction.

Let's get started

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